About us

Our Vision

Māori and Pasifika leading global tech innovation through creativity, indigenous wisdom and values

Our mission


the system using gaming and provide a pipeline of Māori and Pasifika rangatahi into tech careers


a competitive advantage and leadership for NZ by integrating Māori and Pasifika inherent skills and values into all aspects of STEAM


Māori and Pasifika youth into creative economy careers through connections, learning, creating, making, and enabling intergenerational wealth creation


impactful pathways for fit for purpose training, upskilling, and sustainable career for Māori and Pasifika communities into the creative economy by removing barriers and creating opportunity

An innovative approach

Inspiring Māori and Pasifika to lead the world in tech innovation

Mixing Māori and Pasifika haututū traits with technology is a recipe for innovative success. Using game led learning and an engaging teaching style, tamariki and rangatahi have fun with the latest video games and technology while growing capability and skills. Bringing mum and dad on the journey makes tech accessible to the whole whānau, lifting horizons, and creating new futures supported by whānau. Establishing a pipeline of organisations that provide career pathways and pastoral care while growing local talent for an international industry.

Why does this matter?


From South Auckland

South Auckland is our home and we have an opportunity to unlock Aotearoa’s greatest potential to change intergenerational futures.


We can make a difference

There is a digital divide in Aotearoa New Zealand. The tech industry doesn’t have the talent it needs so imports people from overseas to fill the gap. Working in an export led tech sector can grow our wealth sustainably and equitably, and allow us to imagine a future led by local talent.


By disrupting the system to create a new futures

South Auckland has not benefited from Auckland’s growth and traditional education pathways have not proven successful for Māori and Pasifika. Employment in future-relevant industry paying $25+/hr is a  path out of intergenerational poverty. We can disrupt the system and provide credible tangibles outcomes through gaming. Involving parents is critical to rangatahi tech futures.


We're unique

We have genuine connections to south  Auckland youth, tech sector expertise and relationships , a passion for better future and an exceptionally talented and  commited team.

We're committed to systems change

Onboarding parents and caregivers

Parental buy-in is critical to youth continuing in the tech sector. Lifting parent’s horizons and opening their eyes to tech oportunities is key.

Providing access to tech

Strong south Auckland roots enables us to access a pipeline of tamariki and rangatahi who may not have the opportunity to engage with, use or harness technology.

Creating conditions for success

Manaaki, actively caring for those we engage with is a core value. We demonstrate this in all that we do nurturing mind and body.

Partnering with industry

Partner with tech organisations to develop a career pathways programme that provides pastoral care for success.

Game led learning micro credentials

Tamariki and rangatahi take their learning with them by earning accredited micro credentials as they progress.

Synergise and catalyse

Work collaboratively with similar aspirational organisations in the tech industry to catalyse outcomes quickly and effectively.

Our secret sauce is aligning talent to demand

Corporate Partnerships

The NZ tech industry faces a talent shortage and increasing pressure to bridge the digital divide while addressing a widening diversity and inclusion challenge.  COVID-19 has exacerbated this.

Through our strong corporate networks and relationships we are establishing a steady pipeline of businesses ready to commit to our career pathway initiatives through providing work experience, internships and graduate roles as well as sponsorship and financial support.

2022 in focus

Our niche


How might we collaborate to support rangatahi in to tech careers?