Creating pathways to careers in technology

Hau tutū is an inquisitive and mischievous trait like demi-god Maui

Inspiring Māori and Pasifika to lead the world in tech innovation

An Innovative approach

Mixing Māori and Pasifika hau tutū traits with technology is a recipe for innovative success. Using game-led learning and an engaging teaching style, tamariki and rangatahi have fun with the latest video games and technology while growing capability and skills.

Bringing mum and dad on the journey makes tech accessible to the whole whānau, lifting horizons, and creating new futures supported by whānau. Establishing a pipeline of organisations that provide career pathways and pastoral care while growing local talent for an international industry.

Inspiring Māori and Pasifika to lead the world in tech innovation

We are unique

We have genuine connections to South Auckland youth, tech sector expertise and relationships, a passion for a better future and an exceptionally talented and committed team. 

What happens?

What happens on-site

Ray and our team excel in harnessing rangatahi passion for gaming and focusing it into education. 

Jobs are not the end game. Māori and Pasifika leading tech, drawing from cultural and indigenous wisdoms to shape a better future is our vision.

What happens off-site

Our depth of connection with Māori and Pasifika South Auckland and relationships with the industry is the nexus for creating new futures for rangatahi that build on their passion for technology and gaming.

We will grow, strengthen and solidify relationships with tech organisations and government agencies to grow a sustainable pipeline for Māori and Pasifika youth into tech careers.

Disrupt ~ Inspire ~ Create ~ Enable

Pā harakeke Flaxroots

Tangible enduring realtionships with Māori and Pacific rangatahi and whānau in South Auckland.

Creating opportunities through gaming to get tamariki and rangatahi excited and prepare for tech careers.

Whiria te muka collaboration

Build strong connections with organisations that provide learning in a way that works for Māori and Pacific youth and their whānau.

Provide pastrol care, intern and pocket money opportunities to embed knowledge and keep rangatahi engaged and inspired.

Whītiki tech careers

Build strong relationships with industry to provide roles, staircasing and pastrol care for rangatahi once they are ready to move into full-time employment.

Becoming tuakana for the next wave of rangatahi at Pā Harakeke and Whira te Muka stages.

Whiria te muka collaboration

Develop ~ Grow skills through accelerated pathways

Tech career pathways

E.g. coding skills Leads to roles as senior engineers, app developers, salesforce, cyber security etc.

E.g. Cloud-based or virtual infrastructure Leads to roles as Deep solution Engineers, cyber security.

E.g. Pimp My Rig “Fix its” often leads to larger roles requires a plan and org recognition.

Starts as business Analysts, to Project Managers, and Scrum Masters. Those able to drive an initiative end to end (inception to completion).

Those with good regional skills. An easy entry into an organisation. 

Leads to roles as digital designers. Those with interests and skills in art and creative design.